ASX 176
Pilot-operated gas pressure regulators

ASX 176

ASX 176 is a downstream pressure regulator, pilot controlled, for medium and high pressure applications.
It is particularly suitable for use within the framework of installations for the distribution of natural gas, as well as for supply networks for civil and industrial use.

The accuracy of the regulated pressure, the high rangeability ratio, together with the fast adaption to changes in the operating conditions, even in the presence of abrupt changes in the flow rate, makes the Regulator ASX 176 particularly suitable for uses in gas supply installation of electric power generation stations (Turbogas).

The ASX 176 regulator is classified according to the European standard EN334, as a regulator which reacts in closure (Fail to Close). Pietro Fiorentini also provides ASX 176/FO, the Fail to Open version.

ASX 176 is the Axial regulator of Pietro Fiorentini, with an increased capacity to allow greater flow rates compared to the other types of regulators of the same size.


Technical data
  • Inlet pressure
  • Minimum working differential pressure
  • Ambient temperature
  • Accuracy class
  • Closing pressure class SG
  • Up to 102 bar
  • 0,5 bar
  • -40° C to + 60° C
  • Up to 1
  • Up to 2,5

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