Our Values

Reliability means to respect commitments made punctually and at all times, in order to respond to expectations and generate trust.
Communication is to ensure that strategies, plans, objectives and information are transmitted in a precise, timely and synthetic manner. It also means transmitting to others the information necessary and useful for them to understand our business and what they can ask of us. It means making knowledge and experience available at the earliest possible convenience and in every circumstance, to provide adequate answers to our various counterparts. It means listening attentively and trying to understand other people’s points of view.Good communication means verifying the correctness of the contents of our message and ensuring that we are understood.
Excellence means setting ambitious objectives, which can however be reached, in order to enhance our professionalism, generating value for ourselves and the company. It means expressing optimism and the conviction that we will achieve our objectives, attempting to transmit our will to succeed to others. Obstacles are faced and overcome. It means instilling relations with our counterparts in the various departments and offices, considering them internal customers. We offer them a service and it must be valid and punctual. It means making a commitment in measuring performance and achieving continuous improvement of our activities, to satisfy internal and external customers. Excellence means identifying errors and waste, to constantly implement immediate and adequate action to eliminate them.
Commitment in achieving results:
To have commitment is to work with determination, both individually and as a group, in analyzing problems, proposing solutions and performing our duties. It means establishing priorities in the objectives to be achieved, together with our counterparts, coordinating responsibilities and available resources. Commitment means getting people involved and motivating them for change and continuous improvement of performance and results, getting the most out of the training opportunities offered by the company and controlling results, with the prospect of learning and development. It means bringing out and valorizing positive results.
Innovation is having a positive attitude towards one’s own and others’ activities, to favor a climate of trust and creativity, receptive to new proposals. To innovate is to evaluate new proposals attentively and with openness, always providing a response relative to their feasibility and explaining the reasons. It means stimulating people to use their competence and optimize resources, as a function of the objectives agreed upon.
Teamwork is informing our co-workers and sharing objectives to be reached and the results obtained by the group, making a commitment to accept and implement group decisions. It means managing our activity and time, choosing the best actions in relation to group decisions and objectives. It means setting and applying guidelines to guarantee effectiveness and control of the group’s operational efficiency. Teamwork means actively participating in group activities, sharing information and knowledge and valorizing ideas.
Respect means being positive and courteous when we meet other people. To listen. To compare notes, even with those who have different visions and opinions from our own, and make a commitment to glean value added from diversities. Respect means to defend the dignity of persons and their work, with no distinctions due to sex, culture, race or origin.
Sincerity means always telling the truth, to anyone. When dealing with others, we refer only to information and facts, even in the event we are called upon to approve or disapprove their behavior. Sincerity means to speak of credible, demonstrable things, in respect of others’ ideas, and having the courage to face unpleasant subjects.
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