Message about the Coronavirus (Covid-19) situation

Message about the Coronavirus (Covid-19) situation

Dear All.

Considering the difficult global situation related to the spread of Coronavirus, first we want to confirm you that all the Italian and foreign offices of Pietro Fiorentini are open and fully operating. No employee of our Company is currently affected by the virus and we carry out daily screenings to better protect the health of our people during their working activities.

In addition to the official interventions requested by civil and health authorities, we are acting independently and directly to integrate the precautionary measures that we consider necessary to guarantee the safety of our workers and, consequently, yours too.

We are monitoring our entire supply chain on a daily basis and, at the moment, in-stock and incoming materials are ensuring the production of what planned.

Our commercial network is active and, to minimize physical interactions, is available for remote meetings through digital communication tools.

Our technicians are operating on-site services, except for “red zone” areas identified by national and international authorities and affected by restrictive access measures.

We are actively and constantly monitoring the evolution of the situation, managing rapidly and effectively all elements of potential risk. We all stand for the communities most affected by this emergency and hope for an overall return to normality in the shortest possible time.

Our best regards.

Pietro Fiorentini S.p.A.

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