Governor over pressure device 5 PSIG

Governor over pressure device 5 PSIG

CSA design certified Z21.80/ CSA 6.22 Class I Line Gas Pressure Regulator with Over Pressure Protection (OPD) for 5 psig inlet pressure, outlet pressure range of 2” W.C. to ½ psig. The GOVERNOR allows for vent limited**, multi-position installation and positive dead-end lockup for ½” through 2". The GOVERNOR Gas Pressure Regulator also features double diaphragm, integral vent limiter with balanced valve design to provide increased capacity and accuracy. The GOVERNOR is suitable for indoor and outdoor installation.

Main Features:

  • CSA Certified to ANSI Z21.80A2005
  • CSA 6.22a-2005 Class I for outlet pressures up to 14" W.C.
  • CSA 6.22a-2005 Class II for outlet pressures up to 1 PSIG
  • Integral Vent Limiter
  • External Vent Limiter - no vent line required**
  • Positive dead-end lockup
  • Inlet and Outlet test ports
  • 500 to 1 Turndown


  • Suitable for use with Natural Gas, LPG, and any non-corrosive clean gas
  • Inlet pressure: 7" W.C. to 5 PSIG; Max. Inlet 7.25 PSIG for non-CSA applications
  • Temperate range: -40F to 150F
  • Connections: 1/2" through 2"
  • Maximum Emergency Inlet Exposure Pressure: 80 PSIG
  • Suitable for Indoor or Outdoor Installation

OPD Outlet Spring Range:

  • Green 2" W.C. to 5.1" W.C.*
  • Red 2.75" W.C. to 7.87" W.C.*
  • White 4" W.C. to 11.8" W.C.*
  • Black 6" W.C. to 14" W.C.*
  • Yellow 9.8" W.C. to 27.5" W.C.*
  • Violet 23.6" W.C. to 59" W.C. or 0.96 to 2.13 PSIG
  • Orange 55" W.C. to 118" W.C. or 2 to 4.26 PSIG

 *Spring is CSA outlet pressure certified

**As Approved by Local Codes and Standards

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