Writing the future is in our DNA

Innovation has been a fundamental driving force since the beginning of our story, when our founder Pietro Fiorentini developed the first patent for a regulating valve to fuel LPG cars.

The rest was achieved by the results-driven focus and constant pursuit of improvement that have always been integral to our company: our efforts to tirelessly evolve our research into solutions for the energy chain that can meet and, in many cases, also anticipate the needs of our clients.

For some years now, these solutions have had new names: digitalisation, smart grids, renewable energy and reduction in atmospheric emissions. The team in Pietro Fiorentini’s Research and Development department are ready to tackle any challenge posed by all our projects that look towards the future.


However, for Pietro Fiorentini innovation is not only about the technological evolution of products and services. It is about the value that is part of our internal culture and is shared at every level of our Company. We believe all people, if involved and given the right tools, can contribute to change.

Innovation is thus a lever that acts across all our departments and drives change that is, quite simply, an indissoluble part of our DNA.

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