Diversity & Inclusion

Free to be yourself

At Pietro Fiorentini, we believe that diversity represents an opportunity for exchange and improvement, not only for people, but also for the organisation itself. That is why we are committed to providing a peaceful and welcoming working environment for all.

No matter their ethnicity, culture, background, gender, disability, or political, religious or sexual orientation: everyone, at any time, must be free to express themselves, with their own unique set of skills and experiences.

The selection and career advancement processes within Pietro Fiorentini are guided by respect, sincerity and commitment, the only and unquestionable standards for assessing the work of each of our employees.

An inclusive environment that promotes diversity

With our international background and in keeping with the values and principles that guide our choices, we strive to make our company better for all the people who work here every day. Promoting diversity and inclusion does not mean merely “respecting the rules”, but supporting a socially and humanly sustainable growth model.

Equal opportunities

At Pietro Fiorentini, every person is evaluated exclusively for the added value they offer. Growth opportunities are reserved for all people equally, with focused, personalised training pathways depending on requirements. Experience, skills and results are the only parameters that determine salaries.


It is the many cultures represented within the company that make Pietro Fiorentini exceptional. With over 30 locations around the world, Pietro Fiorentini’s employees come from over 20 countries spread across five continents. That is why fostering sharing and collaboration between people from different backgrounds is a collective and key commitment for us.

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