FioSonic, the Ultrasonic Flow Meter by Pietro Fiorentini

FioSonic, the Ultrasonic Flow Meter by Pietro Fiorentini

To complete Pietro Fiorentini range of products dedicated to the industrial sector, we present you FioSonic, the Ultrasonic Flow Meter for gas transmission networks. 

Designed and realized by our Research & Development department, FioSonic passed the flow meters calibration tests for natural gas in Euroloop laboratories in the Netherlands and FORCE Technology laboratories in Denmark. It also obtained the recognition of conformity with the European Union Directive 2014/32/EU by the independent Company NMi, specialized in training, testing and certifications in the field of metrology.

FioSonic is available in sizes from 3 to 30 inches (from 80 to 750 millimetres) and with working pressures up to 150 bar. It is mainly intended for fiscal measurement in pressure transmission networks for industry. It can also be used in power plants, refineries and chemical industries, in process control and in natural gas production, distribution, transport and storage.

Among the main features of the Fiosonic Series flow meters:

  • recording of complete information, available on screen and remotely, to allow the monitoring of historical and real time data;
  • analysis of the flow profile and diagnostic for turbulence and fluctuations, that may serve as precious indicators of any possible upstream disturbances;
  • titanium ultrasonic and remarkably efficient sensors that can reliably measure the most challenging applications, such as wet and dirty gases;
  • stable, accurate and fast flow reading thanks to the presence of three or four paths, and to the Broadband Continuous Wave signal processing that allows more than one path to be interrogated simultaneously.

The team of engineers that developed FioSonic is now working to make it suitable for use with gas from renewable sources and hydrogen. Next steps will include a technical update of the Floweb, another Pietro Fiorentini product, to offer a complete package with measurement and data transmission.

Alessio Tonelli, Sales Manager of Pietro Fiorentini, commented: “FioSonic completes our offer for the industrial sector. An enrichment of the range that consolidates the Company leadership in the global market.”

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