VS/AM 58
Safety Devices

VS/AM 58

The VS/AM 58 relief valve is a safety device (SBV) which vents gas when the system pressure exceeds the set value due to temporary events such as expansion due to rise in gas temperature or downstream pressure shocks caused by sudden changes of flow rate etc.

Main Features:
•    Reduced overpressures, even with quite high flow rates.
•    Fast response.
•    Easy maintenance.
•    Internal impulse.
•    Access to the setting spring adjustment can be sealed if required.
•    High setting pressures available.


Technical data
  • Accuracy class
  • Design pressure
  • AG 2.5 - 5 - 10%
  • ± 1% 28 bar ≤ setting ≤ 44 bar <br> ± 2% 8,5 bar ≤ setting ≤ 28 bar <br> ± 3% 2 bar ≤ setting ≤ 8,5 bar <br>

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