Fully Welded
Gas Valves

Fully Welded

FULLY WELDED type ball valves are cut off devices suitables for use both on natural gas distribution network and for liquid service when high performance on thightness and low pressure drop are required.

Main features of these valves are:

  • trunnion mounted ball
  • bubble thightness with valve on closed position
  • low pressure drop
  • possible installation on both flow directions
  • high reliability
  • construction according to standard ASTM - ASME - NACE - API -ANSI
  • Pressure classes: 150 - 300 - 400 - 600 - 900 - 1500
  • Dimension: 2''to 36"
  • Full bore and reduced bore
  • Connection: RF - RJ - BW

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Are you interested in our Products and Services?

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Discover our product range

Discover our product range

Pietro Fiorentini is a global leader in designing and construction of components and systems for natural gas.

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