Pietro Fiorentini “Green Gas Network” project among the finalists at LIFE Awards

Pietro Fiorentini “Green Gas Network” project among the finalists at LIFE Awards

LIFE Green Gas Network project, created and developed by Pietro Fiorentini, Terranova and RetiPiù, is one of the finalists of 2019 LIFE Awards.
The ceremony will take place during the European Green Week in Brussels, and will crown the best projects funded by LIFE, EU financial tool to support the institutions in the climate and the environment protection.

Specifically, Pietro Fiorentini's project focused on a 3% reduction of natural gas emissions in the atmosphere, equal to 467 TEQ (equivalent tons) of CO2.

What is the Green Gas Network project?
When burned, natural gas is the fossil fuel available today with the lowest environmental impact. If released unburned, it is much more harmful than CO2, which is the main contributing factor in the greenhouse effect.
We have created a system to resolve this problem, which consists of a device and software infrastructure.  The device measures the pressure trends and sends them to the control centre, which plans pressure modulation and allows the device itself to manage the pressure themselves, allowing us to transform old pipelines into adaptable, resilient networks, which are ready for the smart gas grid

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