About us


Pietro Fiorentini is always sensitive to environment protection, an objective that can be reached only with effective actions and a constant commitment.

This is the reason that everyday makes us an active part in sustainable development with:

  • the construction of plats and products that minimize gas emissions in the atmosphere: natural gas, when burned, is one of the cleanest energies available; while, when released unburned, is an element that affects the Greenhouse Effect;
  • reduction of environmental impact in transport, distribution and usage systems of natural gas;
  • constant attention to the reduction of materials and energy waste during production process.;
  • low environmental impact wielding and painting processes;
  • ecological paint usage, that use demineralized and deionized water as thinners.
We are proud to be a low environmental impact Company. One of our best achievments is the more than 30% emissions reduction in the atmosphere of organic components, harmful to health, through the use of green products. This way we give our contribution so that future generations may live in a better world.

Our commitment will not stop here, and further benefits are expected from the extention of the environmental policies to all the Company processes.
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