Mod. GR6
Residential gas pressure regulators

Mod. GR6

The GR6 series of two stage self-driven spring loaded regulators are widely used in both civil and industrial installations using Natural Gas, LPG and other non corrosive gases.

They are designed for either direct installation to a gas meter or used in general pipeline work. They can be mounted in any position provided they are protected from weather.

A balanced two stage regulator results in accurate regulation and high operational reliability with the possibility to use the same equipment to fulfill the actual market request (low pressure) and the future needs (medium pressure) just changing the setting point, in order to satisfy additional gas consumption with the same infrastructure; as a consequence the safety devices must be adeguate.

Where the installation is in an enclosed area, the internal relief vent can be piped to outside. Simple installation procedure.

The regulators are manufactured according to UNE 60402-2 and approved for the Nof AENOR.


Technical data
  • Design temperature
  • Accuracy class
  • Closing pressure class SG
  • Range of inlet pressure bpu
  • environment: -25° +60°; gas: -5° +40°
  • AC 10
  • SG25
  • 150 - 400 mbar

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Discover our product range

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