Gas Filters

Differential Pressure Gauge

The Differential Pressure clogging indicator is an instrument which is suitable for surveying the pressure drops in high and/or low-pressure environments. Particulary it may be employed fro surveying the clogging degree of the cartridge filters installed on reducing and metering gas stations. The principle of functioning is based on the survey of the differential-pressure with the membrane equipped with a contrast spring. It is equipped with an entrainement index hand wich is able to supply the utmost value of the differential-pressure wich took place.

Main specification:
  • two colours dial with indication of the pressure droops filed beyond the 75% of the full scale
  • dial graduated in mbar and p.s.i.d.
  • max working pressure up to 100 bar
  • suitable for being installed outside with a -20°C to +60°C room temperature
  • accurancy ±20% of the full-scale
  • maximum index hand wich may be zeroed manually from the outside
  • any calibration is not required
  • the structure is able to bear full inlet pressure by one side of the membrane
it may be coupled to a mainfold equippend with three incorporated valves that allows:
  • to connect the DP to the two environments of which it is necessary to survey the differential-pressure without any by-pass between them
  • to intercept the connections between the two environments under pressure in case of maintenance or substitution of the DP (it is not necessary ti depressurize the filter)
  • to put the evironments under pressure in by pass in order to inspect the zero setting of the DP
  • also a version (DP/RM) is available with a proximity magnetic sensor which is incorporeted for the telemetering of the signal of maximum differential-pressure equal to the 75% of the full-scale. This version is made under intrinsic safety according to the rules in force and requires the installation of a barrier in safe area. The maximum distance between the clogging indicator and the barrier must be of 100 m.