Pressure Protection Devices


SCN is a compact safety device (SAV) which quickly intercept gas flow whenever the pressure under monitoring reaches a pre-set limits, or whenever manually required by operator on site or through a remote command (optional device).

SCN is a slam-shut valve with self operated actuation and manual resetting, it is an ideal product for distribution networks, industrial and chemical engineering applications. SCN is suitable for natural gas and all non-corrosive gaseous media.
Its "top entry" design allows an easy maintenance without removing the body from the pipeline.

Main Features

  • Intervention for overpressure and/or underpressure;
  • Manual push-button control at installation point;
  • 3 way solenoid valve for remote control (available on request);
  • Manual re-setting;
  • Internal by-pass for pressure equalization before resetting
  • Possible installation in any position although installation on horizontal pipes is recommended.


Accuracy class 5%
Flanging class ANSI 150 - RF or FF according to ANSI16.5 and PN16 according to ISO 7005
Available size DN 1" - 1"1/4 - 1"1/2 - 2" - 2"1/2 - 3" - 4"- 6"- 8"
Design pressure up to 18.9 bar (275,5 psi)
Design temperature -20 C to +60 C
Ambient temperature -20 C to +60 C