Reflux 919 control valves: photo

Control Valves

Reflux 919

The Reflux 919 Control is a pneumatic control valve, specifically designed for use of normal gas, commonly operated by a direct acting type diaphram actuator (mod. 200) or reverse acting type diaphram actuator (mod. 300).
The control loop is 6-30 psig: other signals available on application
The absolute tight shut off is obtained by soft seated patented Fiorentini design
  • Very high rangeability due to special plug guiding (1:500)
  • The actuator design has a special balanced valve plug for minimum actuator requirements
  • Maximum inlet pressure 85 bar
  • maximum pressure drop 83 bar
  • Nace MR 01/75 version available on request
  • Retrofitting capability by built-in special silencer and Fiorentini patented channel flow trim.

Pneumatic actuated control valve Pzul: up to 99,6 bar
Rangeability: 500:1
Sizes (DN): 1"-2"-3"-4"-6"-8"-10"
Flanges: ANSI 150/300/600 RF or RTJ
Options: direct action, reverse action; built-in silencer; pneumatic positioner, electropneu-matic positioner.
Built-in silencer.
Options: gas flow control application, liquid flow control appplication.
Sizes (DN): 1"-2"-3"-4"-6"-8"
Flanges: ANSI 150/300/600 RF or RTJ, PN 16 UNI/DIN
Options: built-in silencer.
Built-in silencer.