Treatment and metering

Gas Odorisation

Pietro Fiorentini, thanks to the long and consolidated experience in the supply of odorisaton systems, provides innovative gas odorisation solutions.
A complete range of service is today available to customise the odorant handling to the needs of any gas utility.


A professional team, bearing all necessary qualifications and licences, takes care of filling the odorant tanks on site. Operations are carried out according to the safest standards specifically developed to prevent odour and liquid spilling. Accurate meters insure a precise measurement of delivered quantities. The central position of the Operation Center in the surroundings of Venice and near the main Italian highways, insures an effective service all over Europe.


Having reliable data is the base of efficient operations. Through the Analysis service we can provide readings of the concentration of Odorant in the different part of the network facilitating the setting of optimal odorisaton rate at the source or deciding if additional injection points are necessary. All readings are carried out according to latest European standards through sophisticated portable instruments. The analysis certificate is a precious evidence that gas is properly detectable in any point of the network.